Absolute skin health, this is Mimosa Skincare.

We partner with botanists and biochemists in South Africa and Ghana to meld traditional phytochemistry with molecular science. The results: formulas that are extremely effective in preventative aging, cell regeneration, protection against environmental stressors, addressing skin pigmentation and maintaining the skin’s equilibrium.

Mimosa Skincare is deeply committed to standing with the people and culture of South Africa and Ghana in every facet of our organization.

The ingredients we source are sustainably gathered and harvested in accordance with local law. We work with a small, independent network of individuals and support women-owned businesses wherever possible. Many raw ingredients are purchased directly from those who harvest them, eliminating middlemen, brokers and distributors. Our long-time sourcing partners choose to do business with Mimosa Skincare in large part because we make sure to pay a high premium for the ingredients they provide.

  • Sustainable and ethical

    At the root of our botanically powered principle is our commitment to only use sustainably and ethically harvested wild-grown and biodynamic ingredients.

  • Holistic formulating process

    Our holistic formulating process allows us to combine the best of clean phyto-actives, lush textures and advanced chemistry to enhance performance and delivery.

  • Natural ingredients

    Our ingredients are free from pollution and pesticides and possess especially high levels of nutrients and antioxidants, having evolved in total harmony with their natural environment.